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Thanks to Virginia Russell, who helped the author put the completion of this book at the top of his priorities.

The book is dedicated to Carolyn Marks-Blackwood, F. Reese Brown and Bill Barus.

Reese Brown was Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence (IJICI).  He gave the author his first opportunity to publish and helped edit and revise early drafts of this book and other work.

Carolyn Marks Blackwood is an artist, photographer, movie producer and inspiration.  Bill Barus contributed research, editing and story development.  He is currently writing two non-fiction books, one on religion, the other on philosophy.

The author owes a special debt to publisher-editor Carolyn Penzler Hartman and literary agent Henry Morrison.

Thanks to subject matter experts Robin N. Bruce Lockhart (1) (2), Nina Berberova, Lev Bezymensky, Artiom Borovik, Wilson Carey McWilliams, Professor Richard Spence, Allen Douglas, Eduard Gudava, and The Museum of the Revolution in St Petersburg, Russia (Now, Museum of Political History.  Formerly M. Ksheshenskaya’s palace).

Thanks to fellow students in writing workshops, and to Professors Linsey Abrams, Director of CCNY MFA Creative Writing, and Samantha Gillison and Lisa Reardon, workshop leaders at Gotham Writers.

Thanks to Anne Wilburn, Steven Lawrence, Jerry Schatzburg, Barney Melsky, Vladimir Zhelezniakov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Leonid Vereshagin, Laurence Tool, Yuri Kostin, Sergei Korobkov, J.Wilfred Gagen, Irwin ‘Sonny’ Fox.

Thanks to Elena Kolesnikova, Elena Kuzmicheva, Alexandra Goncharenko, Lyuba Abramova, and Olga Torrey.  Thanks to Rhona Danzeisen, Roberta Sorensen and Gerry Waterfield for careful readings, insightful comments and numerous corrections, and to Bobbi Sorensen for artistic design.