“Some may see in Torrey’s writing a KGB Theology that took root under Dzerzhinsky and dominates the thinking of high government officers even today.”  A.Z.

fascinating, well-researched historical novel*

unconditionally a remarkable piece**

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“…the greatest power of the spy service,” he said, “its very highest purpose, is not the gathering of information or the elimination of enemies, but the power to control the minds of the masses…”  - from the novel by Allan Torrey

Private War

The Sidney Reilly of Private War is not the spy of MI6 legend or of the popular Reilly TV series.  Nor is he the mythical Reilly, promoted as the real-life prototype of Ian Fleming’s fictional James Bond, “the spy who never made a mistake.” 

Private War reveals a different, authentic Reilly, whose Achilles’ heel enables two brilliant, cynical spy masters to manipulate him to gain extraordinary power.  Private War is the first telling of a story that these spy masters wanted kept secret forever. 

The Reilly of Private War goes to Moscow to stop the Bolshevik Lenin from seizing power over Russia.  Reilly fails, but gradually discovers that his failure resulted from betrayal. An exhaustive investigation leads to a shocking conclusion that sends him back to Moscow on one final, ultra-high-stakes mission. Then Reilly vanishes, entombing the secret forever.

* Robin Lockhart, author, Reilly: Ace of Spies:

“I am excited that Allan Torrey’s fascinating, well-researched  historical novel is to be published… it merits the attention of film-makers.                                                                                                 film-makers.”

** Dr. Lev Bezymensky, Soviet Historian, Publisher, Keeper of The Kremlin’s “Reilly Files:”

official Soviet ‘Reilly Expert’:

“Torrey’s manuscript is unconditionally a remarkable piece … There are common versions of Reilly’s story drawn by ‘court historians.’  But in this version there is something unusual:  the picture drawn by Torrey is far closer to the truth.  This is why I am inclined to recommend publishing this book in Russian.”

The Author


Allan Torrey grew up in Swarthmore, PA. He studied Political Philosophy, Practical Politics and Public Policy at Temple University and Rutgers Graduate School, and  lives in New York. 

Allan has enjoyed a successful career as financial advisor, political campaign manager and consultant, speechwriter, research specialist and strategist. 

Private War is the product of nearly 30 years of research, travel, interviewing, writing and editing.

He may be contacted at:  info@sidney-reilly.com